Get Engaged

Letter to the Editor Tips:

State the reason you are writing, make 2 or 3 strong factual points to support your position, state why this issue matters to you (personal story), state clearly what you are asking for, and keep it short (usually 250-300 words max). 

  1. Use your own words.

  2. Start the letter by explaining your issues quickly so that readers understand.

  3. Be concise.

  4. Stick to one subject.

  5. Use talking points to develop your own, personalized message.

  6. Ask for something specific - "Representative Smith should XXX."

  7. IMPORTANT: Make sure to include: full name, address, and daytime phone number so that your letter can be verified.

  8. Use your credentials and write about elements of your issue that correspond to your expertise.

Talking Points:

In 2019, please ask our Legislature, your senators and representatives, to stand up to protect Idahoans, because suicide is preventable. 

  • Write from the heart about why you care - share a family story, mention things

  • Talk about how important it is to ensure adequate funding for ...

  • Explain that our

  • As Idaho grows, we need to think about

Information on safe storytelling HERE.