The Crisis Textline looks at: Financial Issues

How many: About 5% of our conversations include financial issues.
Who: These texters tend to be older - 74% are over the age of 18.
Where: We see more conversations about finances in these green states. Top 3 are ID, NV, FL.
When: These convos peak right before the workday (6am-8am EST) and we see 20% more than average during the Summer.
How: The top 10 unique words that texters use in these conversations are:
1. Money
2. Problem
3. Pain
4. Live
5. Week
6. Hope
7. Pay
8. Night
9. Sleep
10. Job

Tips & Tricks:
Ask smart questions. Typically, the most effective questions are “How” questions. In convos about financial issues, “where” questions are #1.

Our favorite examples include:
"Where do you feel most effective in your day?”
"Where do you see yourself being most successful?”
"Where would you like to be in 5 years?”

Don’t drag it out. Conversations about financial concerns spanning 48 minutes have a 94% quality rating. After that, quality ratings flatten. And quality drops after the 90-minute mark.

It’s tempting to have longer convos with texters in financial crisis, because we can’t solve their root problem. We ask our CCs to stick to the 5 stages of a convo to keep convos an appropriate length.

Underlying concern. The phrases texters use most often tell us that their #1 worry is how financial issues will affect their families. We ask our CCs to keep this in mind as they explore the issue. (Identify the strength and caring the texter is expressing. Validate their right to care for themselves, too: they may be afraid of sounding selfish.)

Feeling Words. One emotion these texters feel most often is “exhausted.” CCs can add words like “exhausted/ing,” “weary,” and “worn down” to your arsenal of feeling words as a way to effectively paraphrase and reflect.