Boise Wants to Prevent Suicide With a Special Event This Weekend

By Jen Austin, Mix 106

World Suicide Prevention Day is coming up Sunday, and there’s an event at the State Capitol that night that will draw attention to the issue through inspiring messages and candlelight.  Anyone can be part of it.

This is shocking.  The World Suicide Prevention Day website says every year, 800,000 people die from suicides, and thousands more make the attempt.  Celebrities have gotten on board with the effort to prevent suicide, and it seems to be a subject that’s more out in the open now than it used to be.  Boise plans to do something about it too.

Sunday, September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day, and the goal is to raise awareness, give folks an outlet and comfort them no matter what they’re going through, and support those who have lost a loved one to suicide.  Organizers want everyone in the US to light a candle near a window at 8pm Sunday, to show support for suicide prevention.

Boise is hosting an event at the State Capitol Sunday night at 8:30, and that will include a candlelight vigil, along with inspirational messages from those who have been impacted by suicides.  The World Suicide Prevention Day Candlelight Vigil won’t include actual flames since candles aren’t allowed on the capitol grounds, but Boise Weekly says they’re encouraging us to bring battery-operated candles or show pictures of candles on our smart phones.

The event is free, at 700 West Jefferson in Boise.  They’re also planning to read aloud the names of those lost to suicide.

We always say “bring a friend” to different events, but this may be the most important time ever to ask that friend to tag along, if he or she is struggling with life.  See you Sunday.