For the most part, suicide prevention efforts in Idaho have been largely left up to non-profit organizations (such as United Way) and larger Foundations (such as the Albertson’s Foundation), and small, pass-through federal grants.  The State of Idaho has historically had little involvement financially or programmatically.

In December of last year, the Idaho Health Quality Planning Commission approved a plan and path forward with a proposed budget. The push was made this legislature to fund the priorities of the plan.  House Bill 566 is the result of this good work.

  • H566 is an new appropriation for $971,100 in ongoing state funding for:
  • Office of suicide Prevention within the department of Health & Welfare
  • Training of middle- and high-school students over 5 years
  • Sustainability for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: A public / private partnership in conjunction with the Albertson’s foundation, United Way, and many others
  • A public Awareness campaign:  People simply do not know how to talk about suicide and suicide prevention